Privacy Policy

This website does not gather any of your personal information. Keeps things simple.

No Cookies. No Tracking.

No Voluntary Ads.

The only ads here are the ads that YouTube puts on its videos. 

IF YOU WANT TO WATCH THE VIDEO WITHOUT ADS for free, download the FREE BRAVE BROWSER and watch them there. They strip all the ads from videos. Try it. No interruptions. It’s refreshing.

This site has no affiliate links.

Who We Are

BeautifulGod.Love is the work of Gail Ruth, and is for teaching and equipping.

You can contact me through the information on the contact page.

Personal Data

This is a WordPress site. By default, WordPress does not collect any personal data about visitors. Neither does the web host, Kinsta.

If You Email Us

If you send an email to the admin email account, I will of course have your email address and any information you send.

I do not keep a database, but your email will be in my email files. If you want me to delete your email after I reply, please request this. I will be happy to comply.

I do not sell, rent, share, or “bless” anyone with your information.


The web host, Kinsta, collects anonymous visitor information for some simple analytics. They collect only the IP address, the browser or app being used to access the site, and the webpage requested.

Kinsta’s analytics are based on the NGINX server logs, whatever that means…?